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I believe that good design can help build that connection with the customer from more than just a business, but a relationship.

Presenting Cuppa.


Cuppa is the coffee shop I would make if I were given the chance to have my own shop. I wanted something simple, bold but friendly. Which is what I want from my imagined coffee shop ambiance, coffee beans that make the perfect coffee and happens to be the exact reason why I chose Helvetica as the main font for the logo!

Meet Dog Patch.


A business card I created for a small dog walking business. He didn't really have an identity so I created one for him with the idea of boy scout patches and using the hand forming the shape of a dog as the official seal!

Introducing, BLVD.


So, there's a small burger joint in my area called

Blvd Burger and yes, their burgers are amazing -

BUT! their logo and website needed some work.

So I created this little redesign project for their restaurant which I felt represented them better!






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