Vector work using Adobe Illustrator, GIF using Photoshop

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A collection of the before and after shots of the lettering work I've done for fun

Magic in the Mundane is a lettering piece I did inspired by something I read. I originally wanted a swoosh to curve underneath the whole word but decided to just keep it true to the sentiment and make it simple, yet a sense of magic!

SF (baby) is one of my first lettering work where I had too much fun with swashes. I really liked the texture I made using rough inking with a fine point pen.

Keep planting seeds is a sort of note-to-self work I did to remind myself when I go through a hard time. I originally thought to make it multiple letterforms but I knew I wanted a lot of scattered flower elements surrounding it so I went with a simple script so it's not too busy.

Salamat is a classic instance where I feel like the pencil work looked a lot better than the final piece.

WHAT THE FORK was inspired by the waste that we make after birthday parties and seeing so much non-recyclable plastic go into the trash literally made me say "what the fork."






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