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A class project that takes you through the process of how I came up with a design proposal for the client's website

The client.


Liquid Lab is a boutique and privately owned cold press juice bar offering their customers unique customized juices and smoothies based on the user's lifestyle and goals. They are looking to create a holistic experience that connects with their customer's personal experiences to use them as a resource for the customer's personal health and fitness goals.

The solution.


Health and fitness is a very personal thing. And I feel like that is what Liquid Lab is all about; they customize the juices and plans for every age and any journey you are on. And I feel like that's what sets Liquid Lab apart from the rest and definitely wanted to highlight that in their website.


So I designed the site to be very friendly and approachable. I went with a very minimal design that gives a space for the images to really be the main focus. And chose photos that add that humanistic element into the design. I also added elements to reinforce that sense of trustworthiness like a good reliable friend.






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