A lot of my designs are data-driven given that we aim to satisfy the needs of our customers. However, we stay competitive by keeping current and pushing the boundaries; always keeping an eye on trends. These are always the key design considerations I make whenever I research at the beginning of each project.
Another thing to consider is the flexibility of the design. Snapfish offers a wide assortment of products, and we want to maximize that opportunity to produce designs that can work on different types of surfaces and products so as to provide variety to our customers.
Another thing I like to keep in mind are the use cases and the value of each design. As much as we try to offer holiday-specific products, we want these products to be used beyond just one occasion and can actually be fitting for any occasion all year-round.
Snapfish has also recently launched their mobile app! And I've had the privilege to work with our mobile team to make our best selling designs, layouts and products available for our on-the-go users. It has been my responsibility and priority to make sure that our iOS and Android app users get the same smooth, easy and quality design experience that they would get from our desktop site.

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